Dave Wren

dave-wren-pedal-steel-01Dave Wren’s lifetime love affair with the pedal steel guitar is steeped in years of traditional Country and Western Swing music, mixed with liberal quantities of rock and blues. As a young musician Dave played throughout northern California, opening for the country rock bands Commander Cody and Asleep at the Wheel, and did some work for Merle Haggard Enterprises.

Dave plays a “universal” 12 string tuning, which combines both the E9th and B6th steel guitar tunings.
Inducted into the Western Swing Music Society’s “Hall of Fame” in 2008 and the Northwest Western Swing Music Society’s “Pioneers of Western Swing Music” in 2010, Dave also is a featured performer at the annual national pedal steel guitar show held in Phoenix, AZ. Dave has played with numerous northern California artists, including Santa Cruz based singer/songwriter Amee Chapman, Buck Ford and El Dorado County’s own Deb Smith.

Dave’s rich harmonic textures, and sparkling lead phrases make Dave Wren a perfect fit for the Random Strangers band!